To consistently win campaigns and drive long-term culture change, we need to migrate:

  • from talking points, policy memos and ads to storytelling worth sharing
  • from campaign-centric to audience-centric
  • from just talking to listening before talking
  • from top-down pronouncements to stories that are authentic and emotionally resonant
  • from slicing audience into ever-tinier segments to creating ever-more-inclusive communities

A More Perfect Story offers clients and campaigns a five-step methodology that combines the best of content marketing and cultural organizing, offering an innovative approach and winning results. At the heart of this methodology is something we call a “story platform,” a core narrative which powerfully narrates a brand’s (or campaign or cause’s) relationship with its audience.

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A More Perfect Story offers keynote talks, presentations, convenings, facilitated workshops and customized coaching designed to help organizations, campaigners and funders develop a deep understanding of:

  • story-driven campaigning
  • cultural organizing
  • investment strategies relating to culture and narrative for funder affinity groups
  • research, particularly the kinds of research and analysis necessary to understanding audiences, and more!

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A partnership of Erin Potts, Liz Manne and Kirk Cheyfitz, A More Perfect Story provides clients with a story-driven, audience-centered strategy that wins campaigns in the near-term while effecting culture change long-term. Erin, Liz and Kirk are experts in the intersecting practices of storytelling, cultural organizing, branding, advertising, pop culture, campaign strategy and content marketing. A More Perfect Story brings the leading-edge tools and practices of audience engagement under one umbrella.